Enrico Gnaulati Ph.D. received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Columbia University and practices in Pasadena, California, specializing in child, adolescent and adult psychotherapy and parenting consultation.  He is a frequent lecturer on child development issues at universities, schools and mental health clinics and has published articles on ADHD, sibling therapy and adolescent development.  His most recent book is "Staying with Playing: Emotion-Regulating Therapy with ADHD Children."  Dr. Gnaulati can be contacted at
Susan North has been working with young children and their families since completing UC Berkeley's Early Childhood Education program in 1971.  Her professional experience includes teaching and administration for Head Start, running a parent/toddler program and directing full-day preschools.  She is currently a Master Teacher with Los Angeles Unified School District's Parent Education Division.  It was through her affiliation with Pacific Oaks Children's School (as a parent) and Los Angeles Family School (as a director) that Susie came to embrace conflict resolution as an indispensable component of any quality preschool program.  Susie runs a mediation practice in LA and has two grown children.  She can be reached at


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“Peacemaking with Preschoolers” is a guide for preschool teachers who want to learn effective, practical techniques for facilitating children’s disputes.  This book provides the teacher with a theoretical framework – both psychological and developmental - for understanding the conflicts that children engage in.  It also includes scripts of actual disputes that allow the reader a “you are there” opportunity to witness skilled teachers dealing with conflict right in the trenches.  “Peacemaking with Preschoolers” also talks about curricular and programmatic ways to make a school more respectful, which sets the stage for authentic, child-centered peacemaking to flourish.


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